Wes Craven Has Died at Age 76
wes Craven
Wes Craven, who began his career with the low-budget shocker The Last House on the Left, then helped define the ’80s horror scene with A Nightmare on Elm St., and eventually defined the ’90s horror scene with Scream, has died at age 76, due to brain cancer.  Variety and The Hollywood Reporter confirm Craven’s passing. Craven’s film career, which followed time spent as a college professor, encompassed many genres and found him working in several different roles, but horror was always his calling card. His first film as a director was The Last House on the Left. In ways, it’s both what you’d expect from a former academic (Ingmar Bergman’s film The Virgin Spring was a major inspiration) and also, as a brutal piece of exploitation, reflective of the porn films that gave Craven, working under pseudonyms, his early paychecks in the film business. After a string of other movies, Craven made one of the early big-screen comic book movies (Swamp Thing, in 1982) and then created upon his first real mainstream hit, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Thanks for all your movies.