Disfrutar Restaurant
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After having strengthened and consolidated the Compartir restaurant in Cadaqués, thanks to the invaluable help of our team, we take a step beyond. Near the end of this 2014, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch will open a new restaurant in Villarroel 163 in Barcelona, next to the Ninot market: Disfrutar. It will not be a replica of Compartir; this is a different concept. But there are aspects that we believe that are inherent to our way of doing, and they will be present in this new restaurant. We will keep our philosophy of having the dishes in the center of the table to be shared, but there will be a lead presence of welcome cocktails, appetizers and tapas, in order to offer a complete dining experience to our customers, offering a tasting menu. The cuisine will be expressed using modern languages and techniques, where the pursuit of pleasure is the main premise, with the intention that our visitors can try many different things. We will offer two tasting menus: Disfrutar, 65 eur and Festival, 95 eur. Our goal: we want our customers to sit in a cozy place, with a close treatment and a quality kitchen. We want them to share a good time with us and above all, to make them enjoy it (Disfrutar). The atmosphere of the restaurant is directly inspired by the Mediterranean and Barcelona. As main construction elements we use ceramics and gypsum, modeled in different ways to create the different spaces in the restaurant: the entrance area, with a bar and tables for up to 20 people, the kitchen (which will be crossed by our customers), and a back room with a capacity for up to 50 people.