Hypnotic Food Patterns
In Story: We Produce the Production Company we love the good and the persons with an original visual view. In Story: We love have new reference for a creativities content. Today: We Present Dan Bannino is an Italian based photographer, strongly fascinated by the beauty of imperfections, the fragility of objects and he transient nature of life. Dan’s work has gained international recognition and he’s been published internationally in a variety of magazines. He likes to translate ideas into images, making photos that are telling stories and convey concepts. The press said «Dan Bannino is an artist, but he doesnt’ way out to call him that-» as Andy Warhol once said, «labels are for cans»[..]. Yet, though he prefers not to belong to any specific classification, Bannino has produced creative pieces his entire life. The Italian born-and-rised photographer who lives in the Turin countrysides has focused on still lifes.   Food patterns made with cool and tasty food, repeated till nausea.
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