Rowland S. Howard
In Story: WeProduce – The Production Company we want to show the crazy and bohemian live of Rowland S Howard. Rowland S. Howard was born in October of ’59. His blood was red, he had lots of digits on his hands and feet and moved about in a suitable manner. So they let his mother, father and sister take him home. He was soon kicked out of the pram to make way for his younger brother. For running about purposes Rowland was clad in the standard issue Howard boy garb: thick cord trousers and a flannel shirt. It was possible to see that his ears did in fact stick out and that his nose was mildly pronounced. It would have been unfair to compare him to an aye-aye at this early stage though.The Monkees were big with the Howard kids. He took up guitar lessons in the early ’70s. I guess he was inspired by progressive rock, glam, Barrett, Roxy, Eno and lots of David Bowie. He may have also been subliminally influenced by his parents’ musical evenings at which his father played recorder and his mother played guitar and sang.Rowland read like a fiend. He’s read two books a week for many years. As time went by he found an interest in U.S. underground sounds like the Velvet Underground and The New York Dolls. Next thing I knew The Stooges and Iggy Pop exploded onto our lounge room.Rowland had been learning sax and dabbling with bands. There was Tootho and the Ring of Confidence with school friend Simon Mclean and a bit later The Obsessions. I couldn’t possibly say how it worked after that, but he was a voracious consumer of vinyl, had all the punk stuff of note, and was always very knowledgeable about what was going on. Didn’t like The Clash much. Rowland met the Boys Next Door at a party somewhere. Nick Cave accused him of being a «poofta», but Rowland was more than witty enough to deal with that unimaginative missive, and they probably found themselves amusing one another. They are both very funny. Soon they were in direct competition. Rowland’s band, the Young Charlatans (with Ian «Ollie» Olsen sharing vocals, guitar and songwriting), began playing live. They were instantly applauded as a less punky and more arty alternative to the Boys Next Door. People (well, the Melbourne post-punk scene) loved them. It was here Rowland launched the song «Shivers». Written at 16, it will probably make him more money than any other single thing in his career. Rowland S. Howard was a really bohemian and he gives the life for music.  
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