Pep Bou
In Story: We Produce – The Production Company we love know about the catalan performance and he is one of the most famous in Catalonia, today we write for Pep Bou.
PEP BOU is an excellent mime with arms long enough to reach the far away blue. He has succeeded with bubbles, flowers of the air, impossible waves in the same water. This poetry of soap bubbles, equivalent to words, is the result of his wit. Where, on earth, can we register such unusual show? It is no so much the operative magic, but the poetics of the effectiveness of the playing with bubbles. The stage breathes and has the nerve of the bubbles game.
 The star of the show is a big fish, son of the wind, which runs away from theatre routine. Snow on a windowsill would not end better the play. Nevertheless, nails and teeth of prose have nothing to do. Bubbles, army of light, float in emptiness, which is the best way to assert a pact, and reminds us that we are have been born and we are, also, going to die and that we are rings of a root that does not ask for doctors. Because ephemeral means that does not last. And humankind is nothing else but a constellation of ephemeral stars.