Linda Linko
In Story:WeProduce – The Production Company we discovered a Linda Link, she’s an artist from Helksinki.   Linda Linko (b.1979) is a Helsinki-based designer and illustrator. Her background in creative field stretches from studies at the Helsinki University of Art and Design (Aalto University) to careers in creative agencies, before starting her own practice in 2010. As an independent designer Linda’s goal is to narrow the gap between design, illustration, and art. Her works are  completely hand made, down to typography. Linda mostly works with traditional methods of painting, drawing, and cutting. She does not use computer programs until the final stages of the work. Linda’s illustration work varies from simplified black ink paintings to wild colorful collage art. Linda’s work contains a certain joy, a sense of humor and expressiveness. She uses bold shapes and odd textures, and combines them with intuition. In the other hand, she also enjoys turning complex ideas into simple visual representations. Imperfect shapes, large formats, black humor, and basically everything what happens while she is away from her computer inspire Linda. In her own words: “I like incompleteness. If everything’s polished to perfection, where’s the space for imagination?”
Captura de pantalla 2014-12-10 13.16.08