Chad Wys
Chad Wys is another artist we happened upon online. We found one of the images from his series of “Nocturnes” and got curious. Partly, they were just pretty images using the kind digital editing techniques you would find in fancy advertisements but they also seemed to bring up a bunch of heady ideas and we wanted to know more so, we tracked him down and asked.
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Chad Wys talk about himself Someone recently wrote that I am more of a “con artist than a real artisan”. That particular person, I think, had such an aversion to the digital medium — and perhaps to any art that fails to live up to his personal criteria — that he felt “lied-to” and, even worse, “robbed” of something deeply valuable and personal. I think that statement was meant as scathing criticism, but I find it quite apropos and honest. Digital manipulation is all around us: in advertisements, where models are brushed to perfection; in the movie theater, where impossible actions come to “life”; in the increasing distrust people have for digital photography, through which anyone can alter anything and present it like a reflection of reality. No wonder folks feel “lied-to”
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Duchamp was light years ahead of his time and to label him a modernist is only taking into account the era he was born into. Still, my references to any or all of these artists is another extension of my act of appropriating objects, images, styles, and motifs from history. The gestures I make with paint, or digital “paint”, on the surface of any object or image is not always an intentional maneuver (in this way, I also share some methodology with Jackson Pollock!); so I cannot claim to always be conscious of what precisely I am appropriating. But there is a conscious effort on my part to blend ideas from art history. The blending of a Rembrandt painting with minimalist, colorfield shapes is certainly a purposeful effort to juxtapose (or clash) elements that don’t belong together. I’m essentially a non-literal mash-up artist.  
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