Between the subtlety and symmetry

In Story: WeProduce we want to explore this japanese photographer, who was in Iceland for 5 years shooting the life of Erna and Hrefna, two Icelandic twins.

Erna and Hrefna, 2011. For the photographer the twins have a symbolic appeal: ‘I have always been interested, in my work, in trying to capture a sense of invisible connection. You know, people say they have a kind of telepathic power, which I believe, but I believe all humans have that instinct too.’
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Erna and Hrefna, 2010. Inaoka spent two years photographing landscapes in Iceland before she started her twins project, concentrating on water in its different forms. ‘Photographing the girls in the landscapes followed naturally,’ she says.
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About her life: Ariko Inaoka is a Japanese photographer who has been documenting the story of two sisters growing up in Iceland; their first loves, lies and secrets. The identical twins girls, Erna and Hrefna, are sensual, fiercely proud, aloof. They are spirited, independent, off in a dream world of their own. Ariko as another storyteller supplies us with the vivid details of their shared childhood experiences and their gradual growing apart and is shooting them since they were only nine years old in 2009, while the project will be ongoing untill they reach the age of sixteen years old. Ariko’s intentions are to capture their own coming of age experiences, whatever that may mean. We can tell the project of these intertwined lives will create a certain nostalgia of the declaration of these once young girls in love with life itself.
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