Sofia Garza-Barba: Director @storyweproduce
 What I want you to know about me is? Don’t be scared by the way I analyze you. I’m just in the process of creating a story in my head and you happen to be one of the lucky characters. I’m either painting rainbows or thunderstorms behind you. Depends on the mood you catch me in. My imagination is my best friend.



 What piece from your work do you feel most identified with? I probably identify myself most with Ashtar Command “China” music video. It’s a colorful and dark video, both visually and symbolically. I feel that I’m the same way. I’m a happy person full of surprises, with residues of darkness and mystery.   The most difficult work / The most valued work? The most difficult and valued work I’ve done would have to be Porter’s music video “Daphne”. It was difficult at that time because HD video was so new, and also because I produced, directed, art directed, etc myself. Most valued for sure because all my friends who had no clue about film/video, helped me out by acting, assisting and giving me moral support. It was one of my first works with stop motion, and It’s the one I treasure the most.