Robin Nevraumont

How would you describe your universe?

The Magic exist if we want to believe it. It’s the same with the stories…


What makes you happy as an artist and as a human being?

As an artist: I love to film. When i’m in the set, there’s no time, there’s no hungry, there’s no fatigue.

As a human being: The music. I love to listen music… i have different playlist for every mood in my life.


If there’s anything to know about you, what would it be?

I’m a viewer… I love to see everything. When i’m boring i look through the window and i try to create stories about the things that i see.

Any favorite subject, and why?

I love the fashion world. Because it’s creative, emotive and wonderful.

What piece from your work do you feel most identified with?

Sports World. I love the sports, the adrenaline, the passion. I wrote a few words for that line because i identified with it.

What inspired you to become a director?

I love to go to the museums and watch movies and series. That’s inspire me!

I can have a marathon of movies or series. Sometimes, i can see things that nobody see in the same movie. When i see a paint or photo, i try to imagine a story about it.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?

I think the biggest challenge is create a great commercial with a low budget. I always say: “there’s no budget for the creativity”.


Any crazy anecdote to share with the world?

When i was filming in the beach, all we were in a boat but the actor was in an inflatable and suddenly he fell in the sea. The AD didn’t think it and she dove in the sea to rescue him. I dove too because she didn’t know how to swim. Fortunately, nothing happened… The actor and I rescued the AD.


What is the weirdest, most unexpected skill you bring to your job, and how did you learn it?

When i film, in the way  from my house to the location, i listen to a special music’s playlist and meditate. I try to balance my mind, body and spirit. That’s give power and energy.

I don’t remember who famous director film with headphone and music. He said, that’s the way to focus in the shot.