Elkano, Restaurant

In Story: We Produce, The Production Company we love the good gastronomy.

In Spain we have a tradition and mediterranean food , the combination is explosive and also we have the best chefs ‘cause they explore the new technics with our tradition.

Today we want to present Pedro Arregui, with the restaurant who is called Elkano, despite the fact that the fish markets are becoming scarcer in sea treasures every day, at Elkano Restaurant, the best jewels from the sea such as the famed turbot, «kokotxas». squids, hake «cogotte» and lobster, among others, can still be enjoyed in its purest forms and especting their seasonability.

All baked over hot coals in a grill in the open air, impregnated with the fragrances of charcoal and lightly seasoned with a simple vinaigrette dressing that enhances the natural taste ans texture of the fish itself with that exclusive touch of a chef who has turned perfection into an art. Pedro Arregui begins with the support of his wife Mari Jose Artano – a great support in his professional and personal life- the journey in the restaurant business in Janaury 15, 1964, in the former food shop of his mother Joxepa, a big cook and his first teacher.

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