Meet the director: Monica G. Carter

– What does the universe of the Rejjie Snow’s videoclip represents to you? And how did you come up with that crazy and atypical universe? 
With Rejjie Snow I wanted to create a world that, like the song seems bright, light and colorful on the surface but once you delve deeper, the crazy and dark elements begin to reveal themselves. The color pink takes on a new meaning, it is not just girly and feminine but also creepy and gooey. To create this world, I was inspired by the contrasting yet harmonic elements of the song; the tune is upbeat and fun but once you listen to the lyrics you realize that it is talking about the consumption of drugs and other R rated shenanigans.
– If there’s anything to know about you, what would it be? 
That since I have been little people have called me ‘loca’ (crazy) but now I am making a living from this ‘craziness’. I love my crazy.
– Which message do you want to share throughout your work?
I want to encourage people to see the world differently, to be open to the infinite possibilities that exist all around them. I want to push boundaries and find beauty in unexpected places.
– Any favorite subject, and why? 
I like to make things that hover above reality and I also like to mix subjects and see what happens, for me this is where the magic lies.
– What makes you happy as an artist and as a human being? 
What makes me happy as an artist is experimenting with the elements that life has to offer and create magic. I have always been an extremely curious human and when I was little I was 100% certain that magic existed. I just needed to find the missing element to connect reality with this magic and I was right, it is filmmaking; This is why I love directing.