Fermín Cimadevilla

How would you describe your universe?

Do you remember the parallel universe of the fourth chapter – «Mirror, Mirror» – of the second season of Star Trek? Well, exactly like that.

What makes you happy as an artist and as a human being? As an artist, smile, as a human being, do it again.


If there’s anything to know about you, what would it be?  Please do not tell my mother, but I’m a Strategic Planner. For my misfortune, I have a university degree that accredits it. Any favorite subject, and why?

Any favorite subject, and why?  The pads to purify the water. They could always save your life.


What piece from your work do you feel most identified with?  ‘Helado de Fresa ‘. Simple, hypnotic and absurd. * * It is not on my reel.

What inspired you to become a director? The need to do myself something that – as creative – always asked another to do for me.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?  It’s about to come. That’s why this line of work is so exciting, you never know what’s about to happen!

Any crazy anecdote to share with the world? One day I ate the ¨pinchos¨ that Ferrán Adrià left half finished at the table in a bar in Barcelona. I understood why…

What is the weirdest, most unexpected skill you bring to your job, and how did you learn it? I speak with animals. Especially the smallest ones. It was by accident, one day after a heavy electric storm.