Félix Fernández de Castro (Mexico Only)

pic by: Galo Olivares


How would you describe your universe?

Narrative, storytelling, cinematic.

What makes you happy as an artist and as a human being?

Good ideas, team work, being busy

If there’s anything to know about you, what would it be? 

I used to be a creative once, so I value and respect ideas over anything else

Any favorite subject, and why? 

I don´t really have any favourite subjects, it´s not about the products or the categories, it´s all about the quality of the scripts and the people you work for.

What piece from your work do you feel most identified with? 

Ikea Duck, Banco Sabadell “Doubles”, Amplifon “Old or not old”, Ambar beer “Making beer” web series, DGT “Dead or alive” campaign, five completely different jobs that do help making my previous point.

What inspired you to become a director?

As a creative, I always had the feeling I would do some things differently when I attended shootings of my work, so that´s when I probably decided to change sides.


What was the biggest challenge of your career? 

In a business where you´re as good as the last job you just did, I guess the biggest challenge is trying to keep doing good work, on and on, no matter what.

If there’s anything to know about you, what would it be?

I just charge for calls, meetings, treatments and presentations. When shooting and editing, even on sound design, I work for free.  But don´t tell anybody.