Other talents

Georgi Banks-Davies

Carwow | Tamed - Story: WeProduce
Carwow | Tamed Agency Creature Prod. Co. Skunk UK
Swiss International Airlines | Athletics - Story: WeProduce
Swiss International Airlines | Athletics Agency Publicis Prod. Co. Markenfilm Switzerland
LTH | Energy that moves the world - Story: WeProduce
LTH | Energy that moves the world Agency Grupo Cinco Prod. Co. Story We Produce
American Garden - Story: WeProduce
American Garden Agency Y&R Dubai Prod. Co. Abis
PMU | Live your emotions - Story: WeProduce
PMU | Live your emotions Agency Publicis Prod. Co. Quad Productions
Coca Cola | Smile Back Jamaica - Story: WeProduce
Coca Cola | Smile Back Jamaica Agency MoFilm
Audi | Dream - Story: WeProduce
Audi | Dream Agency BBH Prod. Co. Skunk UK
Lexus IS - Story: WeProduce
Lexus IS Prod. Co. Skunk, LA