Collage: Mixology Mobile
“Bar” isn’t a big enough word for a place like Collage. Newly open, this small but sophisticated locale is much more than a drinkerie: part social club and part gallery, it’s a place to appreciate cocktails, art and the finer things in life – an homage to the bon viveur of yesteryear. Created by KarinaLorenzo and Fernando of cocktail catering serviceMixology, Collage is a celebration of cocktail making as both social ritual and art form. Masters of their trade, the team’s passion for mixology can be tasted in each of their colorful creations; their drinks are both scientific experiments and work of arts, painstakingly concocted with top quality ingredients and impeccably presented. Mixologists Lorenzo and Fernando love to invent new cocktails, coming up with new creations to add to the mix of over thirty classics and originals, each of which is well priced at 7 euros.

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