Xavier Veilhan
In Story:WeProduce we loves this french artist and his installations, come on see this gorgeous work. Xavier Veilhan (1963) is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. His work includes photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art. Xavier Veilhan emerged in the early 1990s as one of the leading artists of his generation. A string of exhibitions, showcasing every aspect of his unique plastic vocabulary, ensured his international fame. In 2009, it was the consecration with his exhibition Veilhan Versailles, the castle and its gardens offered an ideal setting for his sculptures and installations
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  Xavier Veilhan’s back and forth in time is related to the origins of modernity, in constant effort to update this period with nowadays tools. It is a new approach of an archeology of the modern in order to imagine possible evolutions and to make the present more understandable. Hence his interest in Italian Futurism, evoked in Vibration, a life-size sculpture of a horse and its cart in shimmering, frozen motion forms. The artist refers also in an anachronistic way to urban transportation development. What interests Veilhan here is the disturbance of the eye, the invention of a new vision of sculpture and captivation of the viewer.