In Story:We Produce the Production Company we are a big lovers of music, today we present the last album from Volans Yesterday we was in Marula space in the Barcelona heart’s and we find a new band, the style of music is eclectic and instrumental.
Volans Story

Volans is an instrumental rock  formed in late 2011 by Hug ( guitar), Edu (bass) and Louis (drums) . The group was born from the restlessness of its components to create something without defined styles or borders , while they were involved in another project . » Geografías del Olvido «, their first album was co-edited by users through crowdfunding and several labels , including Radix Records Distri Cumin , Baten , Les Fleurs du Mal and SevenSnakes in June 2012. Edited format digypack , recorded in Alamo Studio and mastered by Yves Roussel Mastering . His debut album is composed of four subjects, » Ateca «, » Ghurba «, » Ellipse » and » Gulag » . From the outset demonstrate its commitment to music narrative that leads to atmospheric remote from our own geography . Although post- rock influences are remarkable , this band transcends the boundaries of style and genre , allowing the music itself is something which let grow rhythms , melodies and layers of sound. After being presented his first album in 2012 and part of 2013 and the mainland of the country gal at the end of this year and begin to raise conceived their second album » close » . This time it is a 12 inch seven songs composed Engraving live between 19 and 22 June at Atlantis studios in Barcelona and mastered by Yves Roussel WeroEdge Mastering .

We enjoy last night, with this type of music!