STORY at Creative Club of Portugal Festival


From today to May 15th take place in Lisbon the CREATIVITY WEEK (SEMANA CRIATIVA DE LISBOA – XVIII CCP (Creative Club of Portugal Festival)

The CCP, Creative Jam Festival, is a Portuguese advertising festival that awards the best work done in Portugal every year.

During the week, works by several International artists will be shown in Convento da Trindade.

One of this artistic works is “Follow me” by the Story: filmmaker and visual artist, César Pesquera

Follow Me” By César Pesquera

Gone are the great artists, the creators that everyone admires. Now anyone can have not only their 15 minutes of fame but can also have their 15, 150 or 15.000 Likes.

Thanks to the internet, social networks and devices such as smartphones, production and distribution of images, something that was historically only accessible to an elite, is open to anyone. How can this pollution of images affect our way of being in the world? How does that awareness of the self image affect the construction of an identity? How does it affect the creative process?

Festival´s Closing Party by Story:

Live performance by «Las Bistecs«


Dani R. Baughman (Hivern Discs / Barcelona)

Story Music Box


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