Located in one of the city’s most iconic squares, Plaça Reial, this bar-restaurant club is named after infamous painter José Pérez Ocaña, an insolent and transgressive figure of Barcelona in the 1970’s. After years of extensive renovation, the building has been restored to its former glory. This 1200m2 space used to be a wood stamp factory and has become an eclectic place mixing references to different times and atmospheres: an interior café area evocative of the Belle Epoque, with its candelabra and pillars, an Oriental inspiration in the cocktail bar, with its carved wooden panels reminiscent of Arabian palaces. The club plays a good mix of electro, swing, soul, funk and jazz music. Nights are lively and a whacky atmosphere always prevails. Like Ocaña himself, this place celebrates a zest for life, taste for freedom and an urgent need for fiesta!
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